Personalized functional medicine based in Boise, ID

Personalized Functional Medicine


Sound Familiar?

If this resonates, I can help

You feel tired and don’t have the stamina you used to

Bloating, heartburn, or IBS are impacting your daily life

Sleep is elusive and you don’t wake up refreshed anymore

You’ve been struggling with brain fog, low libido, or body composition changes

What has worked in the past to lose weight isn’t working anymore

Your mood swings feel unpredictable and are sometimes accompanied by hot flashes

Start with the truth

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Lindsey encourages her patients to step out of the realm of “normal” and reach optimal health by incorporating the whole person and the whole story. Through a partnership approach, she tailors each patient’s treatment plan to their individual needs to correct the underlying dysfunctions.

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Functional medicine in Boise, Idaho


Utilizing the latest diagnostic techniques and prescribed combinations of personalized supplementation for your needs, bioidentical hormones, therapeutic nutrition, mind-body and mindset techniques, foundational lifestyle medicine and wellness management plans, we work to heal imbalances and help people recreate and maintain optimum health.

Hormone Balance

Hormone balance is like a symphony, and requires a whole body approach to achieve harmony.
Each hormone in the body is like a musical instrument and, when in balance, the outcome is harmonious. We seek to understand why hormones may be out of tune due to variables like gut health, stress, key nutrients, toxins, and inflammation.
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Gut Health

The health of your gut microbiome is vital to the foundation of your overall health.
The diversity of the gut microbiome is a main determinant in your health. You are what you can digest, absorb, assimilate and excrete. Gut health goes beyond probiotic use.
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Metabolic Reset

Sustaining a healthy metabolism as we age is more simple than we have been led to believe.
We are inundated with an outdated way of thinking and science proves the way to achieve a healthy metabolism is not through restriction, over-exercising or fads. As these are the fast-track way to stay stuck. Metabolic health is hormone health. Your body is not failing you, your strategy is.
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a New Morning routine

Reset your hormones and Metabolism

If your current morning routine consists of rushing around in a flustered frenzy, then it’s time to start doing thing a bit differently. Discover a new way to start every morning with increased energy, lose stubborn weight, balance your hormones and jumpstart your metabolism in the next 3-5 days.

a functional medicine approach

The Designed Health Process

The Designed Health Method at its genesis is the belief that we are “designed to be healthy, not programmed to be sick.”  The body is always seeking to be in or get back to a state of homeostasis and health and the equation to get there is

The Right Environment

This step involves identifying any deficiencies in essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, hormones, and other necessary elements.

The Right Raw Materials

Controlling environmental factors, like increasing exposure to outdoor light, avoiding artificial light at night, and regulating the nervous system, all help promote optimal functioning of the body and mind.

Remove the Interferences

Removing interferences to health, such as toxins, hormone disruptors, gut bacteria overgrowth, and self-defeating thoughts, is crucial for achieving a balanced and vibrant state of well-being.

Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner

Meet Lindsey

Lindsey is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner. As an avid fitness enthusiast herself, Lindsey understands the importance and role of optimizing nutrition, sleep, and emotional well-being. She continues her pursuit in sharing her knowledge both as a pro athlete and as a clinician. She believes each person deserves to live to their full potential and advocates for her patients to take a self-empowered stance in their health.