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Gut biome health

How does gut health affect the rest of the body?

The gut bacteria microbiome operates like a super computer: extracting information from food, influencing the immune system, playing a role in resolving inflammation, and affecting detoxification processes. Our gut is considered our second brain. Accordingly, the diversity of the gut microbiome is a main determinant in your health.

signs & symptoms of unbalanced gut biome

Could it be my Gut?


This unwelcome fiery sensation in your chest is an obvious signal something is wrong.

Abdominal Bloating

This specific discomfort can feel like you've swallowed a balloon.

irregular bowel habits

Irregular bowel habits can turn your bathroom visits into a guessing game.

Food sensitivities

If mealtime feels like a minefield, you could be dealing with an unbalanced gut.

Skin Issues

Symptoms of an unbalanced gut can present as eczema, psoriasis, and acne.

Anxiety or Depression

The intricate gut-brain connection can disrupt neurotransmitters and trigger inflammation.

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growing gut health

How can we get my gut back on track?

Our gastrointestinal tract functions like the roots of a tree: Healthy roots can assimilate nutrients from the soil to create a healthy, thriving system. When dysfunction occurs, here are the steps we follow to get back to health.

We are what we eat. Furthermore, we are what we eat eats. And one step beyond that, we are what we are able to actually digest, absorb, and eliminate. 

 Specialized gut diagnostic testing can aid in determining the function of your digestion, gut microbiome, and the immune based environment in which they reside.

If you imagine your gut as a garden, you need to pull weeds (remove bad bacteria) and add flowers (add good bacteria) to achieve the thriving, beautiful garden you desire. 

Maintaining gut health involves nurturing your now diverse microbiome through both food and a well-rounded, active lifestyle.

first comes first

yes probiotics, but foundations first

Merely taking a probiotic does not equate to better gut health. You must have the right environment for the beneficial bacteria to thrive, feed them the right nutrients, & ensure other critters aren’t crowding out the beneficial bacteria. Not to mention, many probiotics aren’t able to withstand the acidity of stomach acid. So before you take a probiotic, let’s ensure you’ve addressing the foundations of gut health.

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Finding your way through the maze of conflicting health advice in our modern culture can be overwhelming. I’m here to help you navigate this intricate web and uncover the personalized path to improving your gut health. Let’s begin to nourish your body and soul with the wisdom of nature and help you achieve a flourishing, harmonious gut – you deserve nothing less!

Frequently asked Questions

Gut health ensures the proper digestion and absorption of nutrients from the food you consume. Gut health determines the capacity to remove toxins and waste out of the body. It also entails a diverse balance of beneficial bacteria  as they play an important role in the body from energy systems, neurotransmitter synthesis, hormone metabolism, skin health, metabolism  and strengthening immune system

Unlike Las Vegas – What happens in the gut, doesn’t stay in the gut. The digestive system is interconnected with the entire rest of the body and has interplay particularly  with the nervous system, immune system, metabolism, hormones, cardiovascular and skin. The imbalances or symptoms you feel may actually be originating in the gut and it is important to asses.

Stress, processed foods, sugar, alcohol and some medicines can irritate the intestinal mucosa and lead to an imbalance the beneficial bacteria. This can allow an opportunity for pathogenic organisms to overgrow and create dysbiosis.

Leaky gut is the layman’s term for intestinal hyperpermeability. It is real and a variable in metabolic, hormonal, energetic, inflammatory and skin-based imbalances in the system such as joint pain, acne, mood disorders, rashes, blood sugar imbalances, obesity and fatigue. The intestines are a permeable membrane and normally only allow certain information to pass through the intestines into the bloodstream. However, when there is disruption in the gut microbiota and the membrane it becomes “leaky” allowing waste products and toxins to enter in the bloodstream that normally we would be eliminating.

Traditional stool testing is evaluating only a few organisms in stool. While advanced functional stool testing is much more robust and evaluates dozens and dozens of organisms ranging from fungi/candida, to bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Moreover, these advanced tests are evaluating your capacity to digest your food, if your pancreas is making enough enzymes. How well you are absorbing healthy dietary fats. If there are inflammatory markers in the gut or hidden blood in the stool. The presence of gut leaky gut otherwise known as gut hyperpermeability.  As well as, the measurement of the amount and the diversity of your beneficial bacteria.

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