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12-Week Metabolic and Hormone Reset


Ready for life change?

We’re designed to be healthy not programmed to be sick. Your metabolic health freedom IS POSSIBLE. Is achievable. Is sustainable. The process and the plan for sustained metabolic health is indeed more simple than we have been taught and led to believe. Truly! Begin your journey on my 12-Week Metabolic and Hormone Reset.

I'm here to tell you the truth

there is a simple formula

It’s like the owners manual to our body that we never received.

The tools necessary to both understand and to harness the healing capacity of the body and heal. The Wells Reset Program is designed for people who have “tried it all” when it comes to losing excess weight. If you are ready to permanently lose excess weight, gain all-day sustained energy, reduce inflammation and experience more mental clarity & confidence then The Wells Reset is the solution you have been looking for. A simple and sustainable approach to metabolic health. 

Are you asking these questions?

why does nothing i try actually work?

Feel the Difference

After your 12-Week Metabolic and Hormone Reset

Look Better

Ditch that characteristic of bloating or puffiness from excessive inflammation. More confidence and more happiness.

Feel Better

Experience increased confidence and energy and start enjoying life again. Sleep better, have more energy, and see an improvement in overall health and vitality.

Function Better

Think more clearly and move better to be more productive and excel in everything from personal relationships to hobbies to professional career.

What you can expect

I'm Here to help clients experience:

Feeling light and lean

More Confidence

Looking and feeling Better

Better Digestion

Vibrant Energy

Lower Stress Levels

Deep, Restful Sleep

Feeling More Peaceful and Grateful

Waking up excited for the day

More Balanced Blood Sugars & Blood Pressure

Greater Mental Clarity

Greater Self-Love and Self-Care

Let me introduce myself

Hey there! My name is lindsey wells

I’m a  friend, a ‘morning sunrise on my face’ enthusiast, functional medicine nurse practitioner and health transparency advocate, with a superpower to connect the dots in health solutions.

I am doing what it takes to keep you out of the system and the businesses that profit over your confusion of how this amazing body of yours truly operates. As a functional medicine practitioner, I saw the short-comings of the health claim ads, the magazines, other programs and even conventional medicine.

From my own frustrations, I set on the path of reading the research and the data, learning from mentors, understanding how the standard American ways of living, thinking, and the food system set us up to never actually create health. But only to succumb to using surgery or prescriptions. You may feel like you have “tried it all.” But I can guarantee you have not tried the Wells Reset!

I look forward to guiding you and witnessing you transform. I’ll be cheering you on every step of the way!

setting you up to win

3 things needed to succeed!


A proven plan & process

It’s not rocket science (although it is actual science). A four-phase strategy to help you feel your best, have more energy, and keep the results long term. When we send the signals our physiology is waiting for, it responds. It works for anyone!


Support system

The tribe is a vibe. We heal in community. We are relational creatures. This makes the difference between success and failure. A secret sauce you don’t know you need, until you experience it.



When you have accountability, from Lindsey and the group, you don’t have to rely on your own willpower! We’ve all got your back throughout the entire process.

You're not alone!

Can you Relate?

What's included?

12-week program components:

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Weekly zoom coaching

Bonus Recipe Guide

Weekly Q&A Session

Private FB Community

Workbook & Journal

Private App w/ 12 weeks of Lessons

Compare the methods

Misguided vs. Optimal Metabolic health equation

The typical suggestions to improve your health are woefully lacking in what the body actually needs to heal. To repair. To reset. To rebalance. We are inundated with an outdated way of thinking and science proves that over and over again. Restrictive diets and over-exercising are the fast-track way to stay stuck. The typical suggestions stress the body, drives hormone dysfunction, negatively impacts your health and your well-being. It is misguided. It is an old paradigm. And there is a better way.

the 8 pillar approach

What makes the wells reset so effective?

This Program Is So Much More. We Get Amazing Results Because Of The Proprietary 8 Pillar Approach That Simultaneously Addresses The Body, Mind, And Spirit.

1. Nervous System Management (Autonomic Pairing)

One of the secrets of health and personal mastery is reclaiming your nervous system. When you are in control of your nervous system, you are literally in control of all of your organs, cells and biochemical processes. Thankfully nothing in your body happens by random chance. I teach you how to take control of your nervous system to help you reach a deep state of healing and balance.

2. Hormone Reset

We will work together to rebalance and reset the main pathway which governs your hormones. Improve metabolism, get more energy, and reduce cravings, leading to easy and lasting results.

3. Joyful Movement

We are all so blessed to have an amazing articulating body to express ourselves with. Joyful movement is something that you look forward to everyday that brings a smile to your face and unites you with both the present moment and your body. In this program we give the body a chance to heal by implementing movement that is more healing in nature vs. movement that is intense, s

4. Loving Awareness

When in doubt love is always the answer. Your journey to your best self starts with loving yourself enough to want to become the highest version of YOU. Collectively, we can create a loving world for ourselves and our children. Thankfully, there are infinite ways to express love.

5. Narrower Eating Window

When it comes to nutrition, one of the most powerful changes we can make is to narrow the feeding window. And by making healthier food choices, we can help stabilize appetite, have fewer cravings, and allow digestive, immune and detoxification systems to heal. Combined with an anti-inflammatory whole-food regimen, this is a powerful way to improve metabolism and energy levels, and address hormonal imbalances.

6. Community

Community is one of the most important aspects of health and longevity. I have a private Facebook group with a community of health-minded people on the same journey to help support you along the way. I have a weekly Q&A where we come together as a community to answer all your questions and coach you along the way.

7. Rest and Recovery

The most effective healing strategy is the exact opposite of what most people do – rest! When we rest, we tap into our body’s innate healing abilities and create a profound shift in the hormones we produce. This program addresses the root causes of poor energy and sleep by digging deeper into ways to naturally improve sleep.

8. Mindset

"Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality.” Our mindset, our identity, and who we are BE-ing is the foundation to creating the upgraded outcomes we desire. Upgrading your mindset + identity that supports BE-ing a person who deserves health, well-being, and releasing of excess weight, inflammation, or fatigue is where the shift is. Learning how to use your unconscious mind to work FOR you, instead of against you, allows results to occur + sustain.

Stories of success

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“I am becoming an upgraded me… Yesterday, I mentioned to my husband that I am realizing a shift in my desires, that being now I am realizing the shift in truly understanding that I am NOT living to eat, but eating to live! I finally fit into my jeans that haven’t fit in 5 years!”
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“Just because you stumble doesn’t mean you have to fall. Mindset is everything and its ok to give yourself grace when you can’t be perfect. There is only one person who has ever been perfect and it isn’t me! The breathing has been a huge game changer. I find myself much less anxious in those time crunching situations and boy I have had some days I’ve had to use them a lot!”
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“The support tribe is key! I’ve been able to get my body to where I’ve wanted it to be. I’ve managed to maintain it and this program has helped me work through a few minor hiccups along the way. The hormone thing is REAL! This plan helps us navigate those things (hormones) so much better!”

Names changed to protect privacy

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all. You buy your own foods. We always recommend organic, but you can use whatever is affordable. There are no special packaged foods with this plan; you get to eat REAL food. Do you like fillet mignon and asparagus? That’s on the plan. How about shrimp? That’s on the plan too. People are amazed at the meals they get to eat while being on this program.

There are no pills or shakes involved. I always struggled with plans where you have to take gritty or chalky shakes.
The only thing involved is a metabolic support nutrient that comes in drops.

This is an investment. Not an expense. Your health is the ceiling in which you can fully live. We cannot have 10 out of 10 relationships if our health is a 5 out of 10. We can’t be 10 out of 10 parent if our health is a 4 out of 10. We can’t be the 10 of 10  leader our business needs if our health is 6 out of 10. In every aspect of your life our amazing bodies require vital energy, clear brain function, mental endurance, sense of well-being and joy. It’s time to stop wasting time and emotional bandwidth on how we don’t or look they way we want. And it’s time to invest in what is possible.

I’d say this to lovingly challenge you and get out of your own way. If the plan you already have was going to work, you would have what you want already.

The average weight loss we’ve seen is 20 pounds in the first 6 weeks but the results depend on your individual situation. We don’t guarantee a certain weight loss because everyone is different. But we do guarantee you will drastically improve if you’re willing to work hard and follow the program guidelines. All possible as we allow the body to work FOR us instead of creating barriers to weight loss that many other programs have.

If You are looking to improve and upgrade your mindset, your metabolism, lower inflammation, release excess weight, gain more sustained energy + you are ready for a structured, easy to follow, approach to achieve it all. This is for YOU if you are coachable. If you are Looking to gain skills and gain wisdom about your body through lens that we are designed to be healthy, not programmed to be sick. You want more for your health but have felt confused with the information out there. Or frustrated with lack of results.

Absolutely! Many clients do this for an overall reset, improve gut health, lower inflammation and gain mobility back, improve relationship with food, improve joint pain, reduce acne.

Many things. If I had to pick one it would be Lifelong sustainability. You can go pick any program out there but until it teaches you the skills for sustainability it is like any other one on the market. Maintaining your wins, your results, your well-being – that is where the secret sauce is with this Wells Reset.

As my math teacher always replied to me… Does a bear poop in the woods? Yes! The entire program is built around you learning the “owner’s manual to your body” that you never received. It is not only sustainable, it is doable, it will become your desire way of living. Who you become in this promise is priceless. 🙂

No. I encourage you not to. Reducing your food down to just a number? Calories only approach.  Macros focused approach. They are both missing so many other spokes to the wheel of what makes you human. Food is information. Food is language for your DNA. It plays a symphony with your cells. Your body is innately more intelligent than to think it has a calculator inside of it. Besides, i’ve yet to meet someone who has tried the low calorie diet life and been successful.

As my math teacher always replied to me… Does a bear poop in the woods? Yes! The entire program is built around you learning the “owner’s manual to your body” that you never received. It is not only sustainable, it is doable, it will become your desire way of living. Who you become in this promise is priceless. 🙂

When we take this Wells Rest approach of reducing inflammation, reducing stress on the body, using whole nutrient dense food we see imbalances in the system like blood pressure improve. If you are on blood pressure medications, you must counsel with your prescribing provider before weaning off them. However, please note within the first few weeks many are reducing their blood pressure meds. The power of HEALING the body.

Yes, everyone achieves an upgraded insulin-glucose-metabolism on this Wells Reset!  Healing the metabolism using the pillars of the program improves these scores. And when insulin is improved so is your body composition, your energy, your cravings, your mood, your blood pressure, your water retention. Hallelujah! Please note if you are on medications for insulin resistance you must counsel with your prescribing provider before weaning off them. However, please note within the first few weeks many are reducing their meds. The power of HEALING the body.

Yes, your blood sugar levels will optimize. I’m excited for you to see your labs afterwards! And to learn the skills how to maintain this in an optimal range. This is all about balancing and optimizing your blood sugar levels. This will allow for more stable appetite cues, better energy, banish cravings. Resetting your palate is a great bonus so we are no longer ruled by certain foods or beverages. Lowering your A1C will help protect you against dementia, heart disease, kidney disease, and immune dysfunction.

No. Labs provide data and can be motivating for some to make change to see a number. But let’s start bringing awareness back to how we feel. Your body is sending you signals all the time. If you are reading this, you know more is possible. Let’s get back to foundational principles first.

Yes! The program is delivered online with coaching calls done via zoom. You will have a free app that delivers the weekly modules. And a community online of members who are doing this along your side.

Contraindications are if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, on dialysis, active cancer, chronic kidney disease, or are taking prescription insulin.